Is the WUTC right for you?

Do you want to:

  • – Learn more about computers and programming?
  • – Or about the Travel and Events industries from experts in the field?
  • – Shoot and edit an advert and study the theory behind your favorite TV shows and films?
  • – Plan and run real events open to the public?
  • – Study in a high-tech, business-like and professional environment?
  • – Gain specialist knowledge which will help you get a job and start a career or move on to further/higher education or get an apprenticeship?
  • – Move on from a traditional secondary school because you are ready for an exciting real world of learning skills that are not 100% academic?
  • – Work on interesting projects during the school day with employers who also offer work experience?
  • – Take responsibility for yourself and your learning?

If you answered yes to some or all of these, then yes – The Watford UTC might be for you!


Changing schools is a difficult decision, and one that needs to be made carefully. But if you are open to new experiences and ready to put your all into your school work, the opportunities the Watford UTC can offer are endless.

Before you decide, do a bit a homework; parents, older brothers/sisters, careers advisors and teachers may be able to help. It’s certainly worth reading about University Technical Colleges.

Explore our website, get to know what we can offer and what you can gain. Certainly check our Curriculum pages and check out our “Day in the Life” video.

The best way to understand the Watford UTC is to come and visit us! Book yourself in to our next information event.

Then go to the admissions page to submit your application.