Pearson BTEC Level 3/Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism
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Units are completed as coursework in lessons and during independent study time.

All students work as part of a team to plan and run an event of their choice. Students will carry out a ‘live’ project to investigate customer services at Jury’s Inn Hotel and present back their findings to the Manager. Leading a guided tour of London for ‘customers’ is a chance to develop many skills including: public speaking, team work, problem solving and communication

All students work in Escape our travel agency to complete holiday itineraries for a range of different customers. The annual visit to the World Travel Market at the Excel Centre is good chance to network with trade professionals and discover the latest trends, innovations and technology. Each year there is a visit to an overseas destination to explore the local culture, visitor attractions and expand their world-wide views.

Year 12 Units Year 13 Units
Unit 17: Event, Conferences and Exhibitions
Understand the event, conference and exhibitions environment in the UK; Understand types of venues utilised for events, conferences and exhibitions; Be able to propose and cost events, conferences and exhibitions; Run an event with a team of students. This unit links with both the Marketing and Customer Services units.
Unit 7: European Destinations
Be able to locate gateways and leisure destinations within the European travel market; Know types of holidays available in Europe to meet differing visitor motivations; Know factors and features determining the appeal of leisure destinations in the European travel market for UK visitors; Understand how factors affect the development and decline of the European travel market. Students will have an opportunity to work in Escape our Travel Agency to research a range of holidays for different customer types.
Unit 1:  Investigating the travel and tourism sector
Know the travel and tourism component industries and their organisations; Understand the role of travel and tourism organisations and their interrelationships; Know the developments that have shaped the present day travel and tourism sector ; Understand how trends and factors are currently affecting the travel and tourism sector. Students will visit the World Travel Market at the Excel Centre
Unit 15: Working as a Holiday Representative
Know the roles, duties and responsibilities of different categories of holiday representatives; Know the legal responsibilities of a holiday representative; Understand the role of the holiday representative in creating a safe and healthy holiday environment; Be able to apply social, customer service and selling skills when dealing with transfers, welcome meetings and other situations. Students will plan and take a guided tour of London as part of the new students induction programme.
Unit 4: Customer Service in travel and tourism
Understand the importance of providing excellent customer service in travel and tourism organisations; Know how travel and tourism organisations adapt customer service to meet the individual needs of customers; Know the customer service skills required to meet customer needs in travel and tourism contexts; Be able to apply customer service and selling skills in travel and tourism situations. This unit includes a ‘live’ project and a visit to the Jurys Inn Hotel
Unit 21: Entertainment for Holiday Makers
Know the qualities and skills required by entertainers to fulfil their duties; Be able to plan an entertainment programme for a specific client brief; Know the factors that contribute to a successful entertainment activity; Be able to plan, prepare, deliver and evaluate an entertainment activity. Students will put together an entertainment programme and have an opportunity to run the programme at a residential home.
Unit 5: Marketing in travel and tourism
Understand the factors influencing marketing in travel and tourism; Know the marketing mix (the 4 Ps) of a travel and tourism organisation; Be able to conduct a market research activity for a travel and tourism organisation; Be able to organise a promotional campaign for a travel and tourism organisation. Students will carry out research on their chosen event to check viability
Unit 19: UK Visitor Attractions
Know the products and services provided by different types of visitor attraction; Know the range and purpose of techniques used for visitor interpretation; Understand the appeal of visitor attractions to different types of visitor; Understand the importance of visitor attractions to the popularity and appeal of UK tourist destinations. This unit will involve visits to a range of attractions.

Some students will complete the Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism which consist of an additional 6 units of study (Equivalent to 3 A Levels).