FAQs for Parents

wutc faqs Can my child still apply for this year?

We have limited spaces for this academic year. Please book in to our next Information Event so you can meet the Acting Principal, Paul Quinn, and have your questions answered. Then submit an application here. Please mention the application is for in-year in the application form.

wutc faqs Large, mainstream, school or specialist new UTC? 11-19 or 14-19?

Your child may know what he or she wants, or may simply not be enjoying school that much. Some students thrive in the noisy, traditional school environment and succeed over 3 or 5 years in finding their feet and enjoy the emphasis or academic subjects. Others, as they grow up, are looking for something a bit different.

They love a project, and are already thinking about the world of work. They are excited by technology; wanting to be part of an exciting industry; wishing that classes could be more relevant and stimulating. Perhaps a UTC is what they need.

Every school cherishes the student with a solid collection of A*s. Few schools can tailor their curriculum to suit those who have other special talents – computer skills, brilliant with people, natural leaders, hands-on designers, intuitive salespeople, hobbyists, the artistic, great organizers…

wutc faqs What’s so different?

Because we have a computer science specialism, we are better equipped with the latest technology and software tools, and our links with employers means that students can learn how things work in the real world, not just in the classroom. Your child will have time to work on vocational projects that are well structured and go far beyond the superficial.

Students will work in teams that will teach them how to cooperate, draw on each other’s skills and compensate for any weaknesses. In some ways, like in expected behaviour and personal freedoms, the UTC will be more like a professional workplace than a secondary school, with a 9am to 4pm day and early finish Fridays for those who have completed all their projects!

wutc faqs Why computer science?

Despite the obvious fact that computer technology is present in nearly every part of modern life, most schools don’t embrace it.

We intend to treat computer science as a mainstream subject because we know that kids who really understand computer science can find jobs and, taught properly, computer science can revitalize young people’s interest in education so that they want to carry on learning and go on to further education, university or an apprenticeship. We aim to give every student at The Watford UTC this opportunity. Click here for an outline of the curriculum.

wutc faqs Why travel & tourism and event management?

That’s where the career opportunities are. These expanding industries need skilled employees: computer-literate young enthusiasts who can make their mark. And these industries don’t tolerate sloppiness, scruffiness, lateness, carelessness. They want staff who, from a young age, just get the idea of dealing with people, providing a service and making life better for all of us.

We make no apologies for saying that The Watford UTC expects high standards from its students and we are sure this will help us raise standards. We respect the students and they respect our vision, a vision that has been developed with leading employers and University of Hertfordshire. This will take a real effort from every student and every member of staff.

We will concentrate on each child’s personal development, whatever their particular needs and circumstances, and help them develop into responsible mature young adults.

wutc faqs What is the application process for year 10 students wanting to join?
wutc faqs What is the application process for year 12 students wanting to join?
wutc faqs What is your catchment area?

We accept 60% from within 15 miles of Watford and 40% from a further 5 miles outside this radius.

wutc faqs My son is currently in year 12 but is not happy. Can he repeat the year with you?

Yes, your son can repeat the year and study with us until he is 19. He could do retakes and repeat year 12 and 13 or study completely different subjects.

wutc faqs My daughter is currently in year 10 but is really unhappy. Can she repeat the year at The Watford UTC?

Yes, no problem to repeat the year with us but she will need to apply directly to us. Click on our Admissions Page.

wutc faqs We live outside Hertfordshire. Can we still apply?

Yes! We are more than happy to accept applications from other areas.

wutc faqs Will students who attend The Watford UTC automatically gain entry onto an undergraduate course at the University of Hertfordshire?

Whilst we work extremely closely with the University of Hertfordshire, there is no guarantee that they will automatically be offered a place.

wutc faqs What are the entry requirements for Post-16 students?

Students will need a C/4 or above in English and Maths. We interview all year 12 applicants from March onwards and will contact students nearer the time to arrange this.

wutc faqs Is there a uniform?

Students will wear business dress. This will include shirt and tie for boys and jackets with appropriate business dress for girls. Please see out Student Dress Code for guidance. Many of our students take part in “bow-tie” Friday at the moment but there is no compulsion!

wutc faqs If it is a longer school day, when will my child fit in homework?

The longer school day involves scheduled study periods for all students, which, if used effectively, means less work to do at home or after school.

wutc faqs My child has special educational needs. What support will be available?

Melissa Couronne is our dedicated SEN Co-ordinator who works to ensure each student has the right tools to get the best of their time at the Watford UTC.

wutc faqs What qualifications are you offering?

We offer GCSE’s, A Levels and BTEC Qualifications, please see the Curriculum pages for more information.

wutc faqs I am concerned my son will be cutting of his options too early?

Not at all. In years 10/11 it is still a very broad curriculum and students won’t properly specialise until year 12.

wutc faqs Will the UTC help my child get a job?

Our students are given the opportunity to develop the skills, attitude, behaviours and knowledge that employers are looking for. They will be well-connected with our industry partners, many locally-based but with a national and international presence.

Our students time at the Watford UTC gives them access to great opportunities for employment. Our practical and Masterclass curriculum also improves his or her CV and personal statement for those applying to university.

wutc faqs What do I do next?

Speak to your child, read a bit more about the Watford UTC experience on this website, and talk to us!
Call: 01923 905240 or email: admin@watfordutc.org

You may think that it’s a long time before you and your child need to make your mind up, but the sooner you make contact, the sooner that we can see how our vision for the UTC could suit you and your child’s needs.

We look forward to talking to you.