Summer 2023 Examination Timetable

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Examination Results Days 2023

A Level/BTEC Level 3 – Thursday 17th August 10am – 12noon.  (Results will be emailed to students via their @watfordutc.org email address so no need to attend in person).

GCSE/BTEC Level 2 – Thursday 24th August 10am – 12noon. (Results will be emailed to students via their @watfordutc.org email address so no need to attend in person).

Collecting Certificates

Certificates can be collected from reception.  48 hours notice is required.

Please email  kathleen.mckenna@watfordutc.org

If you are unable to collect certificates yourself, please complete the Certificate Collection Authorisation Form for someone else to collect them on your behalf.

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Warning to Candidates – Unauthorised Items – Read This!

Information for candidates – onscreen tests

Information for candidates – Privacy Notice

Information for candidates – written exams

Information for candidates – NEA 2022-23

Information for candidates – Coursework 2022-23

Information and Warnings to candidates from JCQ

JCQ – Social Media Information for Candidates

Special Consideration Policy and Process

Form 14 – Self Certification Form

Internal Appeals Procedure

Post Results Services:

A full explanation of post-results services can be found in the Examinations Handbook (above).

Results Collection Authorisation Form – if you need someone else to collect your examination results or certificates for you, you must complete this form and the authorised person must present it to reception.

Post Results Forms:



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